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What is BEE?

BEE the Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003 contains “Codes of Good Practice”, which will end uncertainty over empowerment deals while boosting South Africa's economic growth.
It is a process of assisting and educating previously disadvantaged individuals to enable them to contribute to the economy.  The Codes of Good Practice contain frameworks for the determining BEE, including the generic scorecard, guidelines and BEE agencies, as well how the different parts of the scorecard are to be measured in companies.

Who must comply with BEE?

The following entities are bound by the Codes and must implement BEE:

  • all organs of state;
  • all public entities (government entities) listed in the Public Finance Management Act;
  • any enterprise which undertakes any business with a government entity.

What is a BEE Scorecard?

A scorecard is an exact calculation and report of your contribution towards BEE. It is categorised in different levels and each level indicates the level of contribution of your business. When tenders are awarded by government, scorecards are required to prove BEE contributions.

What are the criteria used to calculate bee scorecards?

The BEE scorecard has seven levels of contribution and each has its own formula against which data received from clients are to be tested. The sum of all the individual scores is termed a BEE scorecard.

Measurement Criteria of BEE Scorecards, 2 scorecards

  • QSE Scorecard (applicable to qualifying small enterprises ["QSE"]); and
  • Generic Scorecard (applicable to all entities who are not QSE and not exempt) 





20 points

20 points

Management control

20 points

10 points

Employment equity

20 points

10 points

Skills development

20 points

20 points

Preferential procurement

20 points

20 points

Enterprise development

20 points

10 points


20 points

10 points

The BEE Scorecard has seven (7) elements of empowerment deemed to drive transformation in South Africa. These include:

The Seven Elements that Measure Your BEE Status:



Who owns your company? 


Management Control

Who is the senior management that controls your company?


Employment Equity

Do you have junior/middle and senior managers?
What percentages of your employees are black?
Do you employ black females at junior/middle or senior management?


Skills Development

Do you spend money on training your staff? Is your training logged and calculated
on an annual basis?


Preferential Procurement

Are your suppliers BEE compliant? Who does the business make purchases from?


Enterprise Development

What efforts does the business have in place to develop enterprises external to it?



What contributions does the business make for social causes?

How do I go about obtaining a BEE Certificate of Compliance (BEE Ratings) ?

STEP 1: Request for Evaluation
STEP 2: Agree Terms of Engagement
STEP 3: Prepare Supporting Evidence for Site Visit
STEP 4: Site Visit
STEP 5: Evaluation by Verification Team
STEP 6: Certificate Issued

Complete this short form for a BEE Certficate of Compliance:

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