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Primevise HR Consultants represent a professional consultancy that can provide a value-added service to your organisation in payroll administration as well as other Human Resources needs.
We believe in maximising human potential.  Our skills are with decades of corporate experience from the Human Resources discipline. 

We ensure that tasks are completed to the highest quality standards.  Whether the Customer is internal or external, we believe in close co-operation and regular feedback, to ensure that customer expectations are managed, and customer satisfaction is achieved and maintained.

Primevise HR Consultants undertakes to administer your payroll and human resources management and statutory reporting efficiently. 
Primevise HR Consultants provide comprehensive payroll services using specialist payroll software and delivers high quality service consistently.
We offer a wide range of outsourced payroll functions, which includes the following:

  • Once off set-up responsibilities
  • Changes to employee information
  • Payroll processing
  • Administration relating to appointments and terminations
  • Third party payment processing
  • Electronic payment of salaries to employees
  • Year-end tax procedures and processing of IRP5 documents
  • Leave administration
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Printing and distribution of payslips
  • Maintenance of records
  • Process, reconcile, provide reports and produce related payroll  information
  • Assist in general on matters relating to employee benefits, e.g. fringe benefits and salary structures.


  • We provide quality outsourcing services;
  • We offer complete payroll processing on powerful software
  • We print and distribute customised and security-sealed payslips;
  • We discuss your requirements and then formulate a service, which is individually tailored to best suit your needs - flexibility is key;
  • We provide reliable and cost effective services;
  • We believe in close cooperation and regular feedback to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved and maintained;
  • We administer payrolls for any size company - no company is too small or too big.

Changes at the South African Revenue service, increasingly complex salaries and benefits offered to employees, are placing an onerous administrative burden on organisations.  Companies are therefore looking for cost effective, accurate and problem free ways of coping with the highly sensitive area of payroll administration.


Once you make the decision to utilize the service, we drive the take-on process. We will obtain all payroll information.  A payroll manual is drafted which specifies how the system runs and who the creditors are, how payment is made, who our contact people are, deadlines for each pay run, rules of company benefits, and all the necessary procedures to ensure a smooth pay run each month.

Flexibility is the key.  Whether you require a simple payroll service, or a total outsourcing solution, we discuss your requirements and then formulate a service, which is individually tailored to best suit your needs.

Formal proposal acceptance documentation will be signed by the parties involved, agreeing on the scope of work, timeframes and deliverables.


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